(literally means “Let your stick up”)


How to Play


“Otintin-Tate-L” is a fixed screen type platformer with one switch.
You must lead him to the goal while avoid many obstacles or traps before the field collapse.
This game is only for male because it need to use specific organ for control interface. Energizing your organ to make the switch on, then the protagonist moves forward. And the protagonist will stop if your organ goes relax.

Game interface and introduction card. You can adjust an angle of the switch according to your condition.


There is a pin-up window on the right side of the monitor. It might be very helpful to cheer your organ up but has a little trick. As the stage advances the pin-up girl is gradually transformed into other animals, plants, even vegetables. So if you want to see happy ending of this game, you need to train yourself to be excited by mutated sexy naked girl.

It can be said that this game is a sort of digital Skinner box.

Title screen.


The pin-up girl gradually transforms into other creature. You must try to be excited by her to reach the goal.