“Hana-Densha Higei Chou”
(“The hidden performing arts of Hana-Densya”)


What is “Hana-Densha”?


“Hana-Densha”, literally means “decorated train”, is one of the most weird (and almost extinct) Japanese underground performing arts.

It is performed by female striptease performers who have an innate talent and technique. They perform various amazing arts by using their specific organs. They drag miniature trains, shoot blowpipes, play harmonicas, and even emit fire. The performer needs to control their sphincter and keep them flexibly beyond the ability of ordinary people.


How to Play


This game is only for women with a phallic-shaped controller.
In the game, you can experience the way to your debut as a professional performer of Hana-Densha from beginning.

Game interface.


Once game has started, you will entrance into a private school of legendary Hana-Densha performer and take lessons from basic of how to control your sphincter as various mini games.


Title screen.


You can experience whole life of Hana-densha performer.